Renowned for the work he does for Foals, Tinhead is an illustrator based in Oxford. His illustrative theme is often patterns and words and occasionally collage and photography combined. He does freehand typography which I enjoy doing as well, what I like the most about Tinhead is that if he uses editing programs (such as Photoshop) to layer or vectorise his pieces his style is still recognisable as freehand. Due to the change in technology and what we have access to on programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign I believe design has more accepted if it’s sharp and clean however this isn’t what I like to do. I enjoy gritty scans of sketchbooks and occasional layering with photos as well, this is what I have been working towards during college and university, perfecting my own type and exploring others and finding my own style which will be recognisable to outsiders as my own and I think Tinhead is a perfect example of this.


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