NewScientist says “Heal thyself: the power of mind over matter”


I’m not really a fan of reading newspapers and magazines as I believe the majority of the time the media are feeding us a censored view of the world. I believe that the people above us are persistently filling our brains with pointless celebrity news; cushioned war coverage and general bullshit to distract us from what’s going on in the real world. However, i’m not completely closed minded about what does appear in magazines and newspapers. You just have to be open to what could be true and false and make your own judgement.

Recently, I did read a feature article in NewScientist, one of the luxury items I allow myself to occasionally buy using my tight student budget. Besides being attracted to the magazine due to the inviting design on the front, the title read Heal Thyself. Inside the feature article were six different interesting points which claim the power of the mind and how you can attempt to heal yourself without the use of drugs.

As a summary the points were:

  • Fool yourself
  • Think positive
  • Trust people
  • Meditate
  • Hypnotise yourself
  • Know your purpose

Find the article here.


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