Marcus Vitruvius Pollio


Vitruvius was “a Roman writer, architect and engineer. He worked in 1st century BC, most famous for his book On Architecture (De Architectura) and this is also the only surviving work and little is known about his life. The book is divided into ten sections:

  • Town planning, architecture or Civil engineering in general, and the qualifications required of an architect or more modernly the civil engineer
  • Building materials
  • Temples and the orders of architecture;
  • continuation of book 3
  • Civil buildings
  • Domestic buildings
  • Pavements and decorative plasterwork
  • Water supplies and aqueducts
  • Sciences influencing architecture – geometry, mensuration, astronomy, sundial
  • Use and construction of machines – Roman siege engines, water mills, drainage machines, Roman technology, hoisting, pneumatics

Here is a quote from his book.

In like fashion the members of temples ought to have dimensions of their several parts answering suitably to the general sum of their whole magnitude. Now the navel is naturally the exact centre of the body. For if a man lies on his back with hands and feet outspread, and the centre of a circle is placed on his navel, his figure and toes will be touched by the circumference. Also a square will be found described within the figure, in the same way as a round figure is produced. For if we measure from the sole of the foot to the top of the head, and apply the measure to the outstretched hands, the breadth will be found equal to the height, just like sites which are squared by rule. 


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