Akzindenz Grotesk


This is Akzidenz Grotesk-originally called ‘Accidenz-Grotesk’, it is an early san-serif typeface brought into the world by Berthold Type Foundry in 1896. This typeface has been rumoured to be adapted from the typefaces, Walbaum or Didot. The recognisable features of this font is the square dot of the i and the ‘dropped horizontal element on A’. I like this font because it is it thinner than Helvetica and can be used for delicacy in design, for both strong headings and also I think this font is suitable to use for body type. There are many variations of this font such as: Akzindenz Grotesk Book, Akzindenz Grotesk Book Rounded, Akzindenz Grotesk Schoolbook, Akzindenz Grotesk Old Face and Akzindenz Grotesk Next, each having certain changes in the font.


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