Futura Condensed Extra Bold


Designed by Paul Renner in 1927 you will probably not realise how much you look at Futura without realising it. One of the most used and still used to this day fonts and really popular in advertising, eg. Red Bull, 2001: a space odyssey, Louis Vuitton and Absolut Vodka. One of the words that crops up a lot when reading about Futura is geometric or geometry (which is probably why it stands out most to me).¬†However, I haven’t chosen the original Futura, although the original is appealing, I prefer Futura Condensed (Extra Bold- if i’m being really picky). I find Futura is good for body text but I love what Condensed Extra Bold can provide for headings or for making things stand out. Here is an example (by Jerry Ketel, a poster against the use of Futura Extra Bold Condensed claiming that advertising overuse the font.)


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