George. W. Hart


George William Hart was born in 1955 and he studies geometry. He creates sculptures, computer images, toys and puzzles.

His sculptures have been featured in articles in the New York Times, Science (magazine), Tiede (Finnish), Ars et Mathesis (Dutch), Наука и жизнь(Russian) and other publications around the world.

His sculptures are what I will focus on, as you have probably realised I currently have a love for shape and geometry which is what drew me to Hart in the first place. Not only does he create visually appealing sculptures he has skills in using a wide range of materials such as, wood, paper, metals and acrylic.

This is one of my favourites, called No Picnic it is in mobile form hanging from the ceiling… and it’s made of spoons and forks. Unfortunately it was damaged whilst on display, idiots.

The balls were made of 180 spoons in six different colours, 150 knives in three colours, and 240 forks in six colours.

There were three very different arrangements, but all with the same symmetry.


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