Alexander Golod


Alexander Golod created scientific experiments into the power of the pyramids. The structures are purely made of fibre glass, there is no trace of metal, they are 44 meters high and weigh 55 tons. They are build in different locations, e.g, in the countryside or next to mines. The pyramids are said to have special properties such as:

  • The Immune system of organisms increased upon exposure in the pyramid (Scientific Research Institute named by Mechnikov, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences);

  • Specific properties of medicines increase with decreasing side effects after exposure in the Pyramid (SRI of Virology named by Ivanovskiy, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences);

  • Agricultural seeds placed in the pyramid showed a 30-100% increase in yield;

  • Russian military radar detected an energy column above the Pyramids built by Alexander Golod which is thought to have repaired the Ozone layer in Russia (the same can be done for example in Australia);

  • The pathogenic strength of different viruses and bacteria becomes less with exposure in the pyramid;

  • The amount of radioactivity becomes less after exposure in the pyramid.

This is what the structures look like:

If you’re interested here’s an informative video of David Wilcock (author of Source Field Investigations) talking about its crazy healing powers.


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