Haus Rucker Co is an Austrian art and architecture collective. Some of their pieces ceased to be built but the ones that did had a very sc-fi-esque feeling to them.

I love their work because of its scientific and futuristic approach to architecture, a lot like the Soviet Russian architecture blog post. An example of their architectural work is the Inflatable Retreat.

One piece of art they made was the Mind Expander (1967-69), it was a collection of helmets you had to put on and it could ‘alter the perceptions’, for example, Fly Head made your sight and hearing “an entirely new apprehension of reality.”

As I said earlier not all of their work was built, but Haus Rucker Co appeal to me, not for the architecture as much but for their thought behind it, creating something that “altered perceptions of space” or expanding consciousness through art and architecture: I think people are becoming more aware of separate realities and since the 60s and the psychedelic movement, consciousness movements are growing rapidly and people are always trying to find alternate realities, whether it’s through drugs or art or any other means. The curiosity is always there.


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