Derek Weisberg


Derek Weisberg is one of my favourite sculptors. Not only do I enjoy looking at the characters he makes I love the thought behind it, I don’t think art always needs a reasoning behind it but Weisberg has quite similar beliefs and thoughts as myself. However, it was only until I began to research him that I found out that we shared beliefs. Here are some quotes from his website:

I create works of art that are emotional and psychological self-portraits. Through my work I aim to make sense of my life, my experiences, and the times I live. I do not wish to represent like a photo, instead to achieve an innerness.


To experience death is to experience the most unique situation in life; it is simultaneously completely familiar and alien, definitive and confusing, guaranteed and mysterious. This work is a combination of all those things and has been a way to help me navigate through and reconcile with the loss of my mother.


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