John Casey


I have been following John Casey for a while now, he goes under the name of Bunnywax, he’s an illustrator and sculptor. His illustrations are really detailed and the theme is often quite weird, for example…

I do enjoy his weirdness though as his style is very refreshing.

“Drawing for me has always been a constant in my creative process regardless of which media I’ve worked in. Whether I’m painting, sculpting, or photographing, I always make time to draw. I find the process to be the most liberating and, in many ways, most satisfying. I can allow my hand to move intuitively, the preliminary pencil lines guided by kind of subconscious wandering followed by a conscious array of pen strokes. The key is to know when to stop since ink offers no true subtractive maneuvering.”

His drawing always portray some kind of monstrous figures with hands or other objects in places they shouldn’t be found, i love his playfulness within in drawings.


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