Lisa Hamilton


Lisa Hamilton has studied in New York, Germany and the Netherlands. She is a painter, sculptor and creates art with ink, paint and pencil.

On her website you can see a clear development in her work. It begins in 2006 where her work is oil on canvas, crazy brush strokes create amazing pieces. As the years go on her work merges into geometric block shapes with a small amounts of detail, then onto her sculpture work, made of paper, glue and paint, she has created a sculptural portrayal of the paintings she has done previously.

This is the first in a series of movable object works based on an investigation of color and shape that began in paintings. Forms have developed out of a desire to literally ‘play’ with the idea that shape and color are largely dependent on perspective. The shapes have migrated off the surface and into a hinged series of forms that can be rearranged; retaining an object’s rationality whatever position they are set or perspective they are encountered. The viewer is encouraged to play with the work and, if they like, ponder the notion of how an object might pose as a painting or pose a riddle to the understanding of a painting.

Here is the set.


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