Empty Shop Project


The thought behind the Empty Shop Project is really amazing. The general thought is that any unused shops in the area are used for gallery space for local artists. Our uni has hosted a Photography Exhibition there.

Our ultimate aim is to engage the general public with the arts and the arts with the general public.

This is something everyone should get involved in.



Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery is located in Chamberlain Square, free of charge to enter to the majority of shows. There are different areas to the Gallery all exhibiting different things. The Gallery ranges from historical artefacts to photography to art exhibitions.

For example, I visited the Gallery for the Staffordshire Hoard:

The Hoard is made up of over 1,500 pieces of beautifully crafted gold and silver from the 7th century Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Mercia.

and Steve McCurry’s photography exhibition:

His coverage of the Russian invasion of Afghanistan in the 1980’s, when he crossed the border disguised as a local with rolls of film sown into his clothes, won him the Robert Capa Gold Medal for Best Photographic Reporting from Abroad Showing Courage and Enterprise.

Cardiff Arts is a gallery/nightclub venue.

The venue is currently going through changes, the owners are going separate ways leaving Brains in charge. The venue houses exhibitions for local Welsh artists, performance artists and up and coming music.

Cardiff Arts Institute reopens after its rebrand.

Read more about it here


The National Portrait Gallery is located in central London however for the first 40 years it was in Westminster. As the collection of portraits grew so did the amount of customers,  it’s collection size is now 160,000 portraits, from 16th century to the present day. The Gallery houses portraits of William Shakespeare, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. There is currently a gallery on Mick Jagger, Charles Dickens and
Augustus John. The gallery is divided into different sections such as: Tudor and Elizabethan, Georgian, 20th Century and Contemporary Displays.

One of the best aspects to the National Portrait Gallery is that it’s FREE.

British Museum


The British Museum is another example of an amazing venue for art and design in England. The British Museum is located in London and holds a wide variety of exhibitions. One of my favourites that I visited earlier this year was the Egyptian Book of the Dead. The exhibition not only housed the book of the dead but it had many artefacts from Ancient Egypt itself- even a mummy!

The museum is currently exhibiting:Landscape, heroes
and folktales, German Romantic prints and drawings and Grayson Perry The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman.

The Custard Factory was built 100 years ago and is now what I would call the creative centre of Birmingham. There’s a nightclub and live music and offices, studios and galleries are always being developed on the site. There’s an indoor skate park, small boutique shops, cafes and restaurants.

During college, our class held an exhibition at the Custard Factory.

Tate Modern


In January 2010 I visited Tate Modern for John Baldessari’s Pure Beauty exhibition. The Tate in London is part of a family of four, there are also galleries in Liverpool, St Ives and Tate Britain. The galleries hold some of the most amazing work in the world such as: Picasso, Matisse, Dali, Rothko and Warhol.

I also saw The Unilever Series: Miroslaw Balka.

Miroslaw Balka’s box of darkness is disturbing in its historical echoes but beautiful as well.

The Times

See a video about it here.



One of the most original venues I have been to, at the time I went it was a night club (I think I visited the gallery at some point in college) but in the daytime it uses the spare rooms for gallery space. It has different venues over London all under the Proud name and they’ve housed exhibitions very musically based, there are exhibitions of The Doors and Jim Morrison and photographs taken by Moby himself for his newest album. Also coming up is a Kevin Cummins exhibition dedicated to the legendary Joy Division.

Hereford Photography Festival is ‘the longest running annual photography festival in the UK’.

When I visited the festival a couple of years ago I was really impressed with the quality and amount of work I had seen. The festival is in different locations all over the city, each housing their own exhibition of up and coming (eg, University of Wales MA students) or already famous photographers (eg, Martin Parr). It’s a really good chance to see work that you wouldn’t usually be exposed to. Plus, seeing work in an exhibition is a lot more appealing than seeing them on a small computer screen.

Visit Hereford Photography Festival between Friday 28th October-Saturday 26th November

One of my favourite galleries in London is the Photographer’s Gallery. The venue has housed exhibitions of many amazing photographers including Magnum photographer, Jim Goldberg, Sally Mann and also shows photographers involved in The Deutsche Börse Photography Prize.

When I went a few years ago, I saw work by Anna Fox, Zoe Leonard, Sophie Ristelhueber and Donovan Wylie.