A new set of lovely quotes all hand drawn with 0.3mm fineliner. Hopefully going to carry on with this for a while and create a lovely collection. I will also try to experiment with colour and digitalising my typography with vectors etc.

If anyone has any good quotes feel free to comment and I will upload it when I’m done ūüôā

-Apologies for the watermark at the bottom, the disrespectful people of tumblr have drawn me to this! I don’t mind if people like to share my work but when my link is deleted I get angry. Support new artists people!!!


Skate Deck


This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.

I went out and brought a cheap deck and spray painted it white the rest is all hand drawn with a sharpie. More to come I hope.

Let me know what you think.


Joachim Schmid


I read in the British Journal of Photography that people are speculative about what to label Joachim Schmid but why is there always a need for a label?

He calls himself a visual artist.

For 3o years he went through archives, he found photos in flea markets and adapted them into his own projects,

“editing, interpreting and re-purposing”

I personally really like this project- Photogenic Drafts because it’s inspiring for my current assignment in the way that he presents his found photos.

“Family snaps, ID photos, strips from photo booths – all have been archived and the place and date of their discovery recorded by Schmid. And this is vital. It is the moment the artist finds them which marks their transition from personal photograph to (part of) an artwork.”

Wilfried Podriech


One of my favourite collage artists. He apparently associated with artists of the Beat Generation and was inspired by hippies and created surreal pictures using collage. I love his work because all the images he uses a composed perfectly as if they were meant that way. Some of the work you can find is: The Cosmic Bicycle (1971), The Hasheesh Eater (1975), The Illustrated Edgar Allan Poe (1976).

Bas Jan Ader


Bas Jan Ader is a performance artist, he creates videos mostly with very little or no sound. During college I discovered his videos and instantly fell in-love. The first video I remember watching is “I’m too sad to tell you…” from 1971. At the time of discovering his videos, minimal photography and typography was one of my interests and seeing it in video form was really interesting.

…lost at sea in 1975 between¬†Cape Cod, Massachusetts¬†and¬†Ireland

Wes Wilson


Amazing psychedelic poster artist of 60’s musicians. His eye-catching designs are still seen everywhere now, promoting the peace movement and the psychedelic era, he worked for 60’s musicians such as, Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane and Van Morrison. To me, the bright colours and his use of typography is the most prominent feature of his posters.

Adam Scott Miller


Adam Scott Miller, another visionary artist with an amazing talent. He combines art, science and mysticism and creates breath-taking pieces of work- usually using pencils, ink and chalk pastels.

Alex Grey


Alex Grey has recently been one of the most inspirational artists I have come across, his unique, geometric and extremely detailed portraits have opened my eyes to completely different kinds of art.

Vincent Di Fate


Another inspiring science-fiction (fantasy and ‘aerospace’) artist from America. He has received awards, published two books and his work is exhibited in various places.


Peter Elson


Peter Elson is an English illustrator, his theme is science fiction. His amazing detailed work have appeared on many book covers, what attracted me to his work the most was the colour, detail and subject.