Indian ink and paint brush. This is my favourite so far, I could almost see it as a wrapping paper or wall paper, definitely going to try and screen print when I have time!

Feedback appreciated! x


Edward Shenk


Not sure what to say about the artist/photographer, Edward Shank, his work is really unique and proves that anything can be made into art, for example he did a piece which included a shopping trolley full of Xbox games. I mainly enjoy his work because of its quirky-ness and the way he has no boundaries to what he calls art.

My favourite piece (below) is his Starbucks application and where he should have written in pen he’s used word art. I wonder if he got the job?

Hansje van Halem


One of my favourite Graphic Designers at the moment is Hansje van Halem from Amsterdam. She uses my 3 favourite things all at once: geometry, illustration and typography combined. She has created many books with a distinct design which is recognisable as hers. This is one of my favourite pieces of hers Wire Type.



A British design group who design cd/vinyl covers and sleeves for musicians, most famous for Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon (1973). Hipgnosis is a design group that has managed to make iconic images for some of the world’s best musicians and can be recognised instantly. Alongside Pink Floyd they have designed for The Who, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and The Offspring.

Jung and Wenig are based in Berlin and own a small design studio. They practice photography and are featured in publications and books. Although not all of their work is appealing for me, what really caught my eye was their version of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

Andy Gilmore


One of my current obsessions  is sacred geometry therefore i really enjoy Andy Gilmore’s digital artwork. He uses shape and colour to create amazing designs, the patterns that  he creates also reflect an aspect of psychedelia, which also catches my eye. His designs has been described as kaleidoscopic and hypnotic. He has been featured in The New York Times, Wired magazine, Wallpaper* and Warp Records. I think his work combines traditional and modern design, his designs can vary from sharp geometric shapes to almost a photocopied aura.

Sato Koichi


Going from freelance designer to professor, Koichi creates colourful and unique posters. I think his use of colour throughout all his work reflects his talent (for example, the above poster uses minimal typography yet it really effective in the Design Expo he’s trying to advertise).

As one of my favourite poster graphic designers, his work is nothing I’ve seen before.

Mitsuo Katsui


One of my favourite poster designers is Mitsuo Katsui, the japanese designer can creates bright posters using photographs, geometric patterns and clever spurts of typography. I think he colours he uses for his posters have a similar effect to pop art.

Jurriaan Schrofer


I originally found Julian Schrofer on butdoesitfloat. Schrofer was born in the Hague, he took various directions towards design, he went from an assistant then began working in printing and typography later to become a lecturer.

Schrofer worked a lot with texts (poems) and, sometimes free, typographic forms.



Hort began in 1994 as a design studio and Creative Review has called it one of the world’s most influential design schools. This is the redesign for the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation. The use of minimal typography and bright colours work really well together and the adaptation of Courier works really well for the redesign of the Foundation.