Another collaboration with another very talented and hard-working Documentary Photographer, Denise Fotheringham.

The book has a unique screen-printed cover; is bound together by interscrews; includes an essay; quotes from Manby and stunning tipped-in photographs, all individually hand printed by Denise herself.

Photographs by Denise Fotheringham.
Design by myself.
Made by Mr R Prosser.

Any feedback would be amazing and I’m sure Denise would love to hear what you think as well. Enjoy



Pattern of Life


A collaborative piece with Documentary Photographer, Joe Jinks.

We created twenty-eight photographs that demonstrated the recurring patterns within human life, animals and nature.

Each page has a hole cut into it which allows the reader to see the next photograph and gives them the opportunity to see the relationship between humans, animals and nature.

Also in the book is a unique essay by Joe inspired by people like Carl Sagan and Terence McKenna.

The two original books each come with a protective slipcase.

This was my most enjoyable assignment so far, hopefully going to make some more so let us know if you want one, either on here or e-mail me on:

Kari Cieszkiewicz


Kari Cieszkiewicz is an amazing photographer, who is all over current blogs on the net. My favourite work of theirs at the moment is a gallery called peaks plains and canyons which is exhibited on her flickr.

Her photographs are so beautiful they give me a sense of peace.

Kim Holtermand


I’ve loved Kim Holtermand since I found his work in college. The first set I discovered was Reflections. I fell in love with the colours and the composition. Kim is from Denmark and is described as an architectural photographer. Clients he has worked for are: Behance Network, Manifesto Music, Borders and Frontiers and loads more.

Aspen Mays


Aspen Mays is now based in Los Angeles, she received an MFA in Fine Arts, Photography. I discovered her work today on butdoesitfloat. She has become very successful in the way that she has had her own exhibitions, Every leaf on a tree, From the Offices of Scientists and Concentrate and Ask Again. She has also been in several publicationsI think her best project is The Sun (1957) each row of photographs is from a different month.


Find more of her work here.

Nicholas Kennedy Sitton is based in San Francisco and is studying photography. I have seen one project of his in many different places. The project is called Twisted Architecture. 

I love simplicity, in art and in life.

The concept behind the project is quite simple but Sitton’s outcome is fantastically surreal.

Robin Friend


They have swallowed me up and spat me out changing the way I see forever.

My favourite project from Robin Friend is Belly of the Whale. Robin Friend was born in London moved to Australia then came back to England. Travelling since he was a child is said to have influenced his work.

Here are some from the series. I really enjoy the mysterious atmosphere.

See the rest of the series here.

Dusdin Condren


Although I don’t enjoy all of Dusdin Condren’s photography, i have noticed the photographs i do love all have a feeling of empty or loneliness in them, a sense of hiding identity and presenting images of things i wouldn’t usually look at. Every photograph has perfect grain and lighting whether it’s on location or in what looks like a studio. There’s a frequent theme in the photos as well, usually girls and usually in the bedroom, however this photographer has created sensitive and intimate images that remain tasteful. Not all of the photographs are of girls, I also love the details that have been captured too.

Here are a few.

Jason Fulford


I recently discovered Jason Fulford in Spring 2011’s issue of SOURCE magazine, I was reading a summary/review of his project The Mushroom Collector. What I enjoy the most about this set is the almost spontaneity of the images he found or captured. The set began when he was given a set of mushroom images and from then on a project unraveled into this peculiar book. Not knowing fully what the book is about is really appealing because a lot of the time when creating art or taking a photograph I don’t think there needs to be a deep meaning, at the time you did it because you wanted to.

If anyone wants to buy me this book I would really appreciate it, it’s only £145.00

Michael Schnabel


There’s not much I want to say about this set . But when I look at them I feel a sense of relaxation and peace.

Tyrol Silent Mountain