A new set of lovely quotes all hand drawn with 0.3mm fineliner. Hopefully going to carry on with this for a while and create a lovely collection. I will also try to experiment with colour and digitalising my typography with vectors etc.

If anyone has any good quotes feel free to comment and I will upload it when I’m done ūüôā

-Apologies for the watermark at the bottom, the disrespectful people of tumblr have drawn me to this! I don’t mind if people like to share my work but when my link is deleted I get angry. Support new artists people!!!


Monday’s zine- What Makes Me Smile, A Guide to Being Happy by Christie Powers

A light-hearted threefold zine, full of hand drawn typography and writing about ways to be happy.

Again all drawn with fine liner (0.3mm and 0.5mm) and coloured with horrible felt pens.



The first zine in Zine-A-Day, called Philomathy by Christie Powers.This zine is concentrating on hand drawn typography and elements of illustration. These few shots show some of the words I chose for today’s zine. Eventually, it will be staple bound.

Enjoy and let me know if you want one for yourself, more pictures will be uploaded soon onto cargocollective.

A philomath is a lover of learning, from Greek philos (‚Äúbeloved,‚ÄĚ ‚Äúloving,‚ÄĚ as in philosophy or philanthropy)


Skate Deck


This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.

I went out and brought a cheap deck and spray painted it white the rest is all hand drawn with a sharpie. More to come I hope.

Let me know what you think.


Pattern of Life


A collaborative piece with Documentary Photographer, Joe Jinks.

We created twenty-eight photographs that demonstrated the recurring patterns within human life, animals and nature.

Each page has a hole cut into it which allows the reader to see the next photograph and gives them the opportunity to see the relationship between humans, animals and nature.

Also in the book is a unique essay by Joe inspired by people like Carl Sagan and Terence McKenna.

The two original books each come with a protective slipcase.

This was my most enjoyable assignment so far, hopefully going to make some more so let us know if you want one, either on here or e-mail me on: christiepowers@hotmail.co.uk

This is today’s doodle. It began as a bunch of dots, then I turned them into shapes and patterns and incorporated some typography. I made this with my 0.4mm pen on A4 paper, got it onto illustrator and vectorised it. I’m really happy with this and believe it should be seen bigger so I included some close up screen shots. I see this piece as a celebration of shape. I hope you enjoy it.


Peace is the Word


An A4 doodle, photographed then vectorised. Originally done with 0.1mm black pen. I’ve included some close ups too. I really enjoyed creating this as once it was finished it reminded me of summer. Hopefully I can experiment with adding colour in the future and maybe some more typography!


Summer inspired watercolour.

New Ink Series


This is my NEW ink series. This is what i wrote about them on my tumblr earlier:

My new ink series (2012), I like making these because once they’re all dry you can see lots of shapes and figures within the images. I think there is definitely something spiritual about these. Made with indian ink, colours black blue red and green.

I began creating images like this in my first year of university and occasionally I come back to this method of painting, I find it quite relaxing. There is no right or wrong image, they are all made into beautiful pieces of artwork. Maybe the next step for me is creating a colourful typeface. Hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I do, see what shapes you can find.

In My Mind Zine


Another zine ready for print as the Book Fayre is getting closer. This one is full of a selection of illustration and typography all done by me from the last four years.

Also check out my tumblr for some more work ūüôā