This is today’s doodle. It began as a bunch of dots, then I turned them into shapes and patterns and incorporated some typography. I made this with my 0.4mm pen on A4 paper, got it onto illustrator and vectorised it. I’m really happy with this and believe it should be seen bigger so I included some close up screen shots. I see this piece as a celebration of shape. I hope you enjoy it.



One of my research pages for my Youth Culture project from college, looking back at how my brain used to work and how I would be able to portray it on a page. I miss having this kind of creativity. 😦


Some fun illustrations from back in college, getting sentimental looking back at old sketchbooks this weekend. Some of the work will be featured in a new zine I am making for the Book Arts Fayre.

Today’s advice


College spam


Some work from college, black and white 35 mm ilford. Monsters Project (2011)

David Fullarton


This is David Fullarton, i really enjoy his mixed media, sketchbook way of work as this is how i used to work throughout college. I also enjoy his hand written typography, I could look and read his work for a long time.