Deathly High Shoot


Here are some photographs promoting our shirts, zines and postcards. Head over to deathlyhigh to take a peek, however we have limited stock now, we ship to UK and USA, if you’re somewhere else in the world and want us to send a shirt please send us an email:

Shirts are now only £10, which is about $16 (i think…)

Here are the shots, enjoy and let us know what you think.



This is today’s doodle. It began as a bunch of dots, then I turned them into shapes and patterns and incorporated some typography. I made this with my 0.4mm pen on A4 paper, got it onto illustrator and vectorised it. I’m really happy with this and believe it should be seen bigger so I included some close up screen shots. I see this piece as a celebration of shape. I hope you enjoy it.



For sale for only £12 each and there’s limited amount printed with my own illustrations.Yay


This is all getting very real now. Buy the magazine here from January 15th, 2012.

Todays creation


All Images Copyright to Christie Powers 2011

Todays creation


Alberto is based in Pittsburgh and born in Chile, i would describe him as an experimental artist even though he has had ‘formal training’ in all different types of art. He has a really amazing outlook on art:

 Almarza treats art as an essential form of inner science, as important as science or spirituality themselves.

The work I enjoy the most is the drawing he does. For example, this mandala, created to advertise his new class.

I began to write this post because it links into one of my curiosities. Sacred Geometry is a really big interest of mine, it is all over the place and we don’t seem to see it unless we are specifically aware of it, the whole world is created of Sacred Geometry. I believe the easiest way of showing it is through looking at artist’s work.