Monday’s zine- What Makes Me Smile, A Guide to Being Happy by Christie Powers

A light-hearted threefold zine, full of hand drawn typography and writing about ways to be happy.

Again all drawn with fine liner (0.3mm and 0.5mm) and coloured with horrible felt pens.




The first zine in Zine-A-Day, called Philomathy by Christie Powers.This zine is concentrating on hand drawn typography and elements of illustration. These few shots show some of the words I chose for today’s zine. Eventually, it will be staple bound.

Enjoy and let me know if you want one for yourself, more pictures will be uploaded soon onto cargocollective.

A philomath is a lover of learning, from Greek philos (“beloved,” “loving,” as in philosophy or philanthropy)




I have redesigned our shop and to celebrate this there’s a sale on our zines, 10% off with the code below!

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In My Mind Zine


Another zine ready for print as the Book Fayre is getting closer. This one is full of a selection of illustration and typography all done by me from the last four years.

Also check out my tumblr for some more work 🙂

Zine postcards


6X4 book review postcard advertisements for my zine.


This is all getting very real now. Buy the magazine here from January 15th, 2012.

I have given myself until Thursday to finish my zine and that means perfectly printed as well!

Here is the inside layout.