Colossal Art and Design is a an art and design blog, full of amazing photography and design. Similar to design;defined it’s really good when you need inspiring for a project. You can view the archive with over 2 years worth of collected art and design and the great thing about blogs the archive will just get bigger and bigger.

Here’s some amazing work I have found:

One man, 100,000 toothpicks, and 35 years

Incredible Spiral Illustrations by Chan Hwee Chong for Faber Castell


Book Cover Archive


I have found some of the most inspirational pieces of book cover design on this website. As collecting books and looking at amazing book art is one of my hobbies this website really appeals to me. Another good aspect to this website is that, all the details of the designer is specified so there’s no traipsing through google to find the creator.

Here are some of the best.

Take some time to explore it for yourself here.

Design; Defined


Design; Defined is a really useful, easy to use website whilst studying Graphic Design. It provides photography, design, illustration etc. I use this website when I’m lacking inspiration in my own work.

It features new work by Kim Holtermand (one of my favourite photographers from college) and designers from all over the world. I definitely recommend this website when you’re in the researching stages of a project.

Some work by the people featured:

Kim Holtermand

Sasha Ermolenko

Gelb Simonov

The title really gives away the theme of this website, it provides some of the most amazing space photography and everyday there’s a new photograph. Here is a photograph of the Butterfly Nebular. See the rest of the website for yourself here.




I only came across this website the other day but it instantly interested me. The website contains an archive going back to December 2010 of amazing Graphic Design and links to other sites. It’s in another language but that doesn’t really matter. The Graphic Design includes vinyl covers, magazine covers, posters and examples of letterpress, so if you’re stuck for inspiration this might be useful for you to bookmark.



The Worlds Largest Spiritual but not Religious Television Network. 

The website features spiritual TV, video and articles to read. This is one of my favourite videos on there featuring Ram Dass (one of my idols).

The site has opened my eyes to things I wouldn’t usually think about. Watch some of the videos or read an article and expand your mind to things you may not have known or realised about yourself and the world.

The Occult Network: one of my favourite sites to spend hours on. It has endless information on conspiracy, aliens, ancient history, full documentaries you can watch online, lectures and news. However, I don’t think the subject will be for everyone.


I don’t really want to say much about this, apart from the fact it’s beyond amazing. If you like Disney, the original Alice in Wonderland, remixes and visually stunning videos follow this link.



but does it float is my all time favourite blog, where I have found some of the best and most inspiring art ever, each post is accompanied by a famous quote.


Wasted Rita


Wasted Rita works as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. Mostly, I love her typographic work but the illustrations of people are also hilarious. Not only does her work attract me because of the freehand style but her brutal honesty is comical.