Indian ink and paint brush. This is my favourite so far, I could almost see it as a wrapping paper or wall paper, definitely going to try and screen print when I have time!

Feedback appreciated! x


Jon Contino


Last in my Top 100 but probably my favourite of them all is Jon Contino. He never failed to inspire me at college even when I felt the least motivated and I think his work really pushed me into experimenting with my own typography, his work is hand-drawn and very illustrative.

He is inspired by street art since as far back as he can remember, he works as a freelance illustrator in Brooklyn and is the Creative Director of the mens clothing brand CXXVI.

Here is some of his incredible work.

Devin Powers


Devin Powers lives and work in Brooklyn and has an MFA and BA. His work is intensely geometric and perfects and really reflects what I want to achieve at some point in my graphics career. When you look through his website you can really see his work developing further and further, however I prefer his older stuff.

Danilo Kato


Danilo Kato was born in Brazil but moved to Japan. His home was a large influence in his work as he was born in Brazil around the time where baroque was trendy and there was amazing architecture. His website puts him under three categories, artworks, doodles and selected work. Personally I really enjoy his doodles, his work altogether is extremely detailed, usually in graphite, watercolour, ink or all three. There’s a common theme throughout his work, which is girls/dolls. A paragraph on his website sums up his work really well:

With passion for everything rich in details, adding his natural curiosity about people, nature and their behaviours, his drawings translate a peculiar world of himself: there’s imaginary little monsters, magic flowers, explosive plants, death, life, pain, and mostly love.

Visit his website, here.

Silke Werzinger


Gizem Vural


Gizem Vural is 23, a freelance illustrator and student of Graphic Design based in Istanbul, Turkey. Her main method of drawing is with a graphics tablet or by hand. I love the minimalism of her drawings, she has been so successful already that she has held exhibitions and been in many publications including the Photoshop magazine and Elle.

I also love her handwritten typography.

Here are some examples of her work, definitely check her out.

John Paul Olivares


I came across John Paul Olivares’ work about a year ago. He was born in the Philippines and is influenced and inspired by travelling and living with tribes and rural communities.

In his paintings, he reflects a soulful connection with the various traditional indigenous cultures and the sensibilities of the people.

Some of the illustrations are based on visions caused by reiki, they are extremely detailed and geometric (my favourite) and what’s even more amazing is that it’s all done freehand with metallic gel pens on illustration board.

John Casey


I have been following John Casey for a while now, he goes under the name of Bunnywax, he’s an illustrator and sculptor. His illustrations are really detailed and the theme is often quite weird, for example…

I do enjoy his weirdness though as his style is very refreshing.

“Drawing for me has always been a constant in my creative process regardless of which media I’ve worked in. Whether I’m painting, sculpting, or photographing, I always make time to draw. I find the process to be the most liberating and, in many ways, most satisfying. I can allow my hand to move intuitively, the preliminary pencil lines guided by kind of subconscious wandering followed by a conscious array of pen strokes. The key is to know when to stop since ink offers no true subtractive maneuvering.”

His drawing always portray some kind of monstrous figures with hands or other objects in places they shouldn’t be found, i love his playfulness within in drawings.

Emma Kunz


Emma Kunz is one of my artistic idols, as soon as I came across her work I fell in love. Kunz was born in 1892 and died in 1963 and is described as a healer, researcher and artist. As a healer she performed successful treatments bordering on miracles, yet she denied the term ‘miracle’ and she believe the power is in everyone. In 1941 she discovered a healing rock called AION A. From then on she created large scale prints using graph paper and personally I find her work incredible.


David Fullarton


This is David Fullarton, i really enjoy his mixed media, sketchbook way of work as this is how i used to work throughout college. I also enjoy his hand written typography, I could look and read his work for a long time.